Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Updated Flight Information

Hello WWC Travelers! We would like to, again, take a moment to update all of you with the newest flight information received from Air Lingus. You will notice the changes are in flight times, and are marked in bold.

Travel to Ireland
Sunday, June 20
US Airways Flight US 2036 DCA (Washington National) to BOS (Boston Logan) depart at 2:30 pm arrive at 3:51 pm
Air Lingus Flight EI 132 BOS (Boston Logan) to SNN (Shannon, Ireland) depart at 7:15 pm and arrive at 6:10 am the next day Monday, June 21.

Return to the US
Wednesday, June 30
Air Lingus Flight EI 133 DUB (Dublin) to BOS (Boston Logan) depart at 10:40 am, arrive at 2:25 pm.
Clear immigrations and customs, re-check your bags. Continue on US Airways Flight US 2047 BOS (Boston Logan) to DCA (Washington National) depart at 7:00 pm arrive at 8:34 pm.