Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Group Flight Itinerary with Air Lingus (confirmed for 45 pax)

This is the confirmed air schedule for the group flight into Shannon and back from Dublin.
You are free to make your own travel arrangements (using mails, starting earlier, leaving later, head somewhere else) to join WWC for the Performance Tour by signing up for the land-only package. And we are happy to get a second group flight with return from Belfast should you wish to extend your stay in Ireland on the optional Incantato extension. Unlike other tour companies, Incantato only works with confirmed air schedules and has a 100% transparency policy for airfare.
Travel to Ireland

Sunday, June 20
US Airways Flight US 2036 DCA (Washington National) to BOS (Boston Logan) depart at 2:30 pm arrive at 3:51 pm
Air Lingus Flight EI 132 BOS (Boston Logan) to SNN (Shannon, Ireland) depart at 7:10 pm and arrive at 06:10 am the next day Monday, June 21.

Return to the US

Wednesday, June 30
Air Lingus Flight EI 133 DUB (Dublin) to BOS (Boston Logan) depart at 10:15 am, arrive at 1:55 pm.
Clear immigrations and customs, re-check your bags. Continue on US Airways Flight US 2047 BOS (Boston Logan) to DCA (Washington National) depart at 7:00 pm arrive at 8:34 pm.


  1. Hi: Please post the trip cancellation/insurance information and provide the actual flight numbers we need to aplly. Thanks, EFG

  2. Dear Ellen, the insurance information has been emailed to all of you and we will add the flight numbers when we return to the office.

  3. Where do i find the price for the tour both with and without airfare??? Thanks!