Monday, May 31, 2010

Souvenirs in Dublin

Most of us buy souvenirs for our loved ones back home wherever we travel, but sometimes we have a hard time finding the perfect gift. In Dublin, they have a one-stop shop that can pretty much take care of even the most difficult person on your list!
Carroll's is a Irish gift shop that can be found all over Dublin. There is one on almost every major street, and they carry almost anything you can imagine. They even carry much of merchandise that is found at the Guiness factory, so if you do not make it there for a visit and a pint, then you can always bring back something for that Guiness drinker you know, just by visiting Carrolls.

Take a look at just the amount of key chains alone they have!

Of course, if you are looking for something more traditional and hand-made, you can always visit the Irish Celtic Craftshop. They carry hand-carved ornaments, hand-made sweaters, drums dolls, etc. This store can be found right down the street from Christchurch and the Jurys Inn Christchurch hotel.

Enjoy your shopping!

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